The FDA Approves Three New Types of GMO Potatoes — Here’s What You Must Know

The new potatoes come in the three main varieties listed above: Ranger Russet, Atlantic and Ruset Burbank; White Russet may also be on store shelves currently According to Ecowatch

Unfortunately for consumers, the new GMO potatoes could begin showing up in many places without warning: from grocery store shelves to cafes and restaurants, due to the fact that they will not be labeled.

The lack of mandatory labeling comes as a result of the Biotech and food industry spending tens of millions of dollars to prevent it, and also the recent national law that was crafted in order to subvert the state of Vermont’s democratically passed mandatory labeling law on GMOs.

For now, your best bet is to buy the varieties of potatoes that are organic whenever possible, and to contact the Simplot company by phone or email, or on the Facebook page , and telling them how you feel about the new potatoes. You can also look for the words “Innate” or Simplot on the bag, and choose to buy different varieties whenever possible.

At any rate, spending your organic dollars on potatoes is already one of your best bets anyway: they are one of the most heavily sprayed crops, and their soft skin soaks up pesticide residues far more than many other food crops.