Study Done Proving Vitamin D Out Performs Big Pharma

A new study discovered that vitamin D supplements could protect people against acute respiratory infections. The immune system uses it in creating protection of the body from microorganisms like bacteria and viruses.

The main function of vitamin D is to control the supply of calcium and phosphate in the body, BBC News reported. Therefore, these should be consumed for bone and muscle’s health improvement. However, since vitamin D is synthesized in the skin under the sun, lots of people contain decrease levels that work indoors or don’t get much sunlight.

Researchers examined respiratory tract infections. This includes broad sort of ailments from a sniffle to flu to pneumonia.

From their analysis, they suggest that in every 33 individuals who took vitamin D supplements, one of them would be protected from respiratory tract infection. It shows that this is more effective than flu shots, in which only one case is prevented in every 40 vaccination.