Letter From A Concerned Father About Vaccines

sarahbernier3140 / Pixabay

I was one of the many fathers in this country that did not believe vaccines could cause damage or death. In the beginning of my wife’s pregnancy, I would fight with her about not wanting to vaxx the kids. I would say “Let’s be real, vaccines are here for a reason and if the Dr says to take them, we will”. I mean why would every single pediatrician our insurance covered recommend we vaccinate promptly and with urgency? There would be countless nights in the first trimester which we would stay up late in heated discussions about the future of our unborn child’s vaccination schedule. It was an emotional toll to say the least.

I just wanted my first born son to be safe. Isn’t that what we all want? I questioned who I was to question a Doctor. But then on the cusp of such a thought, a major epiphany struck me: I AM the very one who should be questioning what is right or wrong for my child, because that’s the job description that comes with the role of being a parent.

You see, the truth of the matter is, I didn’t know anything about vaccines. I never studied the ingredients in the many scheduled ones my son was to get. I never once looked up a vaccine injury  report or the side effects it has on some children. I was going to believe the person who went to school to learn “medicine” because he said we have to do this.  After all, the doctors read up on the ingredients and side effects so that they can make the educated decision on what’s best for me and my family, right? Trust is a fragile pilar. When it collapses, we all fall hard. The skycraper housing all my ideas about vaccines, well it finally began to crumble.

About the second trimester things were really heating up between my wife and I. She had bought every book on vaccines, joined many groups, and found a  local holistic doctor who was an M.D. but was ok with not vaccinating so long as we were informed about the risks. From there, I began to open myself up and do my own research. What I found was sickening, shocking and life changing. It took me getting informed about what the products were, how the scheduling worked as well all side-effect data to become enraged about them. You mean to tell me , you want to put these toxins into my son in a short period of time to defeat potential illnesses that do not have the same severe side-effects as the vaccine itself could create? So my son has a better chance of having a seizure or other physically debilitating side-effect from the vaccine than he does contracting the disease that he was injected for? Thats just absurd to think that this is the way the scheduling of vaccines worked but it was.

After spending weeks reading about the various injury cases caused by vaccines I decided I was against them for my children. I took into consideration all of the risks involved not vaccinating including the possibility of getting a disease that the vaccine is meant to cure. Still, the disease was less concerning than the side effects of the vaccines. This was not an easy decision as I come from a family of followers. Do what the government says and your doctor says, after all they went to school for 4 years to learn medicine. In my eyes, it takes a lifetime of self education as a doctor to keep up with what we find out later. It should be the doctor’s job to tell us what’s right for our children and bodies right? WRONG! In the end, it’s our life and we must deal with our decisions.

In the end, I have 3 beautiful, healthy, unvaccinated children that I adore, love and spend almost every minute of my day with. I am thankful my wife had the courage to stand up to me and make me open my eyes.  It was her that convinced me to look more into the vaccines and the dangers involved. I owe my wife and my family a great deal of gratitude for allowing me to self educate and come around to make the right choice  for us. If you are woman reading this, fight for what you think is right in this situation. And, if you are a man reading this, then I encourage you to do your own research like you would anything else that peaked your interest. Dont ignore the facts about vaccines and the damage they cause.

Concerned Father