Infant Accidentally Vaccinated with Gardasil – Mother Blamed for Vaccine Injuries and Baby Medically Kidnapped

This sad case highlights the dangers surrounding vaccines.

A medical mistake lead to a 4-month old girl being administered with the vaccine Gardasil 9 and the consequences have been huge.

The hospital have considered it no more than a “medication administration error.” but Aniya’s mother claims she hasn’t been the same since.

Anita, who is also a nurse has said that since the incident occurred on Dec 29th 2016, Aniya’s health has suffered and she has needed several hospitalizations.

She has said that the “doctors are in denial” about the negative health implications the vaccine has had. Instead, in a sad turn of events, the baby’s declining health has been attributed to the negligence of the mother, and Aniya has been taken under the protection of Child Protective Services.

Anita claims that everywhere she turned she has been blamed for this awful tragedy and she has been accused of child neglect, and even suffering from Munchausen by Proxy.

She says the mix-up happened due to medical negligence and that when she took 4 month old Aniya in to get her vaccines, the doctor failed to look at “a single label” and gave the baby 3 shots in quick succession. The doctor administered the Gardasil vaccine that was meant for Aniya’s older brother.

Aniya’s symptoms since receiving the vaccine have included feeling weak, becoming pale and lethargic with a temperature of 103 degrees the day after the shot was given, and the symptoms have worsened over time. Aniya is constantly struggling against fevers, has a reduced appetite and has even experienced seizures.

Shockingly, the doctor who made this error is still working able to make the same mistake again.

Anita and Aniya have no been ‘medically separated’ leading to further concerns for her baby. How could a routine trip to the doctors go so horribly wrong?

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