Father Who Writes About Autism For A Living Vaccinates His Son, Discovers Fear of Vaccines In Doctors Office

Myriams-Fotos / Pixabay

This is one of the most obscene cases of cognitive dissonance that we have seen yet. A recent NPR article covers how the writer, who happens to be a father, brings his young son in for his first round of vaccines and totally ignores his internal fears, vaccinating his son anyway.

He has been writing about autism and vaccines for NPR for quite some time and yet he finds himself trusting the doctor, removing all of the knowledge he gained. While covering the autism epidemic he has surly come across countless families of vaccine injured children. His fears were created out reality, it sad to see him throw that out the window and follow the heard.

I am a man of science. Okay, perhaps not of science, but certainly near it. As a science journalist, I’m science-adjacent. But I consider myself to be bound by logic and facts.

He then goes on to say;

Which is why it was weird when I took my infant son in for his first vaccines and started peppering his pediatrician with questions. I inspected the boxes, telling myself that I was concerned about a recent bad batch of vaccines in Oaxaca, Mexico, that made a bunch of kids sick. But really, I was looking for a label that read not the autism kind of vaccine.

I felt really uncomfortable and started to sweat. I looked at the clear liquid in the vials and wondered, will I regret this for the rest of my life? I started to think about maybe delaying the injections until it was safer or maybe stretching them out over a longer period of time. I mean, it just can’t be safe giving all these vaccines at once.

Seriously? I’ve spent years following the vaccine safety debate, reading the stories and writing a few about how safe and effective vaccines are. And yet here I am putting my entire profession to disgrace, just as scared and confused as anyone else. In that moment, I wanted to slap my brain upside the temporal lobe. The sight of one little needle was turning me into a raging anti-vaxxer.

Before I go any further, just so we are clear, every scrap of reliable data confirms that vaccines are a safe and crucial part of medicine. Plenty of very clever people have pointed out that they have very few risks and many benefits, which accrue not only to the child being vaccinated but also to society at large. And there is abundant evidence that they don’t cause autism.”

In the end, the Dr. injected his son with four vaccines and gave him a loli-pop 🙁 Wonder why he didnt choose to beleive the fear he had from all of the learnings he had been writing about. Talk about ignoring the truth

You can read the full story for yourself, here.