Chickenpox, Shingles Shot Tied to Rare Problem In Children New Study Says

cocoparisienne / Pixabay

The vaccine for chickenpox and shingles has been linked to inflammation of the eye’s cornea, this comes as no surprise to us.

“Keratitis, or inflammation of the clear layer on the front of the eye, is a vision issue that can cause serious complications or even permanent damage to your vision if left untreated,” Dr. Frederick Fraunfelder, chair of the ophthalmology department and director of the University of Missouri Eye Institute, said in a university news release.

Researchers found 20 cases of keratitis in children and adults that occurred within a month of receiving a chickenpox or shingles vaccine.

Symptoms of the disorder developed within 24 days of vaccination among adults. In children, symptoms began within 14 days of vaccination, the researchers said.

The researchers said there is a direct relationship between the vaccine and the eye inflammation.