Canadian Town’s Elected Official Says No To Fluoride In The Water

congerdesign / Pixabay

The Town of Nipawin has voted against the fluoridation of our drinking water. After some discussion and two votes on two different motions during a regular council meeting on July 10, Nipawin councillors and Mayor Rennie Harper voted against fluoride treatment in the town’s water supply.

Councillor Joyce Watts stated that she didn’t like the idea because the fluoride would not just be going into the drinking water, it would be used for bathing and watering the grass in town.

“It’s not our job to supply medication,” she told Council.

“And if it’s used to water the grass, we don’t know the effect it might have on the environment. There is also the cost, I know it’s one dollar per person, but does that include watering the grass?,” she said.

Councillor Ismael Aliguyon says he has spoken to people about the fluoride issue and from a health perspective he does not think it should be added to the water system.

“There are lots of chemicals that already go into our bodies”, he said.

The votes were 4 to 1, with Ray Serack being the only councillor to vote in favour of the motion to fluoridate the drinking water, councillor Geoff Stewart was not present to cast his vote.

The issue will not likely come before council again any time soon.